Women in Beauty with Verginia Donders

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

On the 21st of January, Wonda Women facilitated another monthly informal networking dinner ‘Women in Beauty’ with Verginia Donders as its honorary guest. Verginia is a hairdresser specialised in afro hair and opened up her own salon (www.thehairextensionbar.nl) with a focus on hair extensions. Fast forward, at the age of 29 her own salon is a succes and has won several prices. Besides running her own hair salon, Verginia is also a single mom, facing intersecting challenges by looking for what she wants for herself in life.

As usually, the dinner was hosted at Mama Cash’s office and the food provided by de Couscousbar. The dinner started with a short introduction round of everybody, in addition to what we want to achieve with these dinners. That is, networking dinners are usually formal and therefore leave no space to discuss certain issues women face on a daily basis. Additionally, the idea of networking also seems to bring nervousness to some, which is a shame. We network every day without thinking about it, when we meet someone new during our studies, or at work or in the supermarket. Just because you are not in a suit, or giving out business cards’ does not mean that you are not networking!

So, what did we learn during the informal networking dinner ‘Women in Beauty’?

  • Within the beauty business, gossip still has an overhand. By seeing each other as competition instead of helping each other, we fail to learn from each other and help each other up. We should train each other and have zero-tolerance policy towards gossip. Furthermore, focus on your own success and believe in your own style!

  • When wanting to have your own business eventually, make sure that your contract does not entail a competion clause! If so, it will not be impossible to eventually start your own business but you might have to invest in a lawyer.

  • Don’t underestimate a business plan! Especially in the beginning it will structure your work and help you with everything that will come at you one step at a time!

  • Hang up a mood bord for yourself, with ideas where you want to go.

  • Make sure that you are happy with your life, relevant for everybody but especially from a single mother's perspective: you cannot take care of anybody else if you are not happy with yourself.

And last but not least ‘If there is a little possibility to push further, push further. Keep your eyes on the end goal and believe in yourself and your style’.

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