Join us in standing in speaking out against the Toeslagenaffaire during International Women's Day 2021

What is the Toeslagenaffaire? 

Between 2013 and 2019 more than 26.000 parents became the victim of false fraud suspicions by the tax authorities in the Netherlands. Amongst many other things they had to deal with additional tax assessments in terms of up to €30.000, evictions, bankruptcies, divorces and highly complex debt problems. 


The surtaxes were meant to help parents with a lower incomes to help with the cost of childcare. This alone should be enough to speak out, especially since it affected in particular parents with lower incomes. But it goes even further than that: the scandal has brought to light that the false fraud suspicions were driven by racial profiling and is therefore an example of institutional racism in the Netherlands. For instance, second nationalities were used as a marker of a risk profile and internal memo’s came to light with derogatory racist terms. 


What are we going to do? 

On International Women’s Day we are going to use the momentum that comes with this day to speak out about the so-called Toeslagenaffaire in the Netherlands. Although the current government resigned over this scandal, some of the politicians that have been involved or were aware of this scandal are not held accountable. This includes the resigned prime minister Mark Rutte, who is not only re-running for the elections that are going to be held the week after International Women’s Day, but who holds a high position within the current polls and is therefore likely to be the new prime minister. This whilst over 80 of the victims of the Toeslagenaffaire have filed a report against him at the public prosecution service because he was aware of the scandal since the end of 2018 and has been involved in the decision making around the scandal since may 2019, whilst the surtaxes were illegally recovered from the victims until the end of 2019. 


At Wonda Women we feel the need to speak out and stand in solidarity with the victims of the Toeslagenaffaire. Together with as many people as people as possible we will send out specific tweet(s) in which we will directly tag the involved politicians. We will do this at a specific moment so all of us can create momentum together and make sure we let the Netherlands know we want #geenRutte4, this will be: 


8th of March at 19:00 

Why do we use Twitter? Can I use other social media?

We will be using Twitter because it is with this platform that we can put the most pressure by (re)tweeting). Of course it will be amazing if you could repost the tweets on your other social media so we will have more visibility, just don't forget to tagg our socials. Most importantly: keep in mind that the goal is to put pressure and the best way to do so is to use Twitter and tagg the responsible politicians.  


Why do we ask for your phone number?

We ask your phone-number because on the day of your action we will add everybody in a Whatsapp group that will be deleted right after the action. In this group we will share the tweets that you can copy paste and ask questions if you need any help. We are also thinking of other ways to get together if you want to! For instance Zoom. We will keep you updated through e-mail before the set date and during the action with the Whatsapp group. If you have any other questions, feel free to send an e-mail to

Furthermore, if you ticked on the box that you want to stay updated, someone from Wonda Women will contact you after the action to make sure you'll stay updated! 

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